5 creative ways to wrap your presents this year

We’ve all experienced the chaos of a Christmas and trying to get all the presents wrapped by Christmas Eve. It can become relentless so we have come up with five fun and creative ways to wrap your presents, that are both aesthetic and will help look after the environment!  Put the fun back in to wrapping – put on a Christmas Movie, pour a drink, and enjoy. 

  1. Using old newspapers and magazines can be a fun and eco-friendly way to wrap your gifts. Reusing the old papers will save tons of rolls of wrapping paper and can be a great way to get the kids involved with picking out the colourful or fun pages to use. They can be used just like normal wrapping paper, and we would recommend using newspaper for the slightly bigger presents and magazines for the smaller ones.  
  2. Fabric scraps, pillowcases, scarves, and throws can all be used to wrap your Christmas presents. We love the way they look when tied up with a ribbon or a bow at the top. Using a throw to cover a large present will save you so much wrapping paper whilst the present remains a surprise. This technique is also great for giving two gifts at the same time, an example would be giving a mug away wrapped in a tea towel, something to drink and something to dry up!
  3. Brown kraft paper is always a trendy wrapping option and can be decorated however pleases you. Colour can be added by using ribbons and tags, and you can even decorate the paper itself with stamps, drawings, or paint. Using recycled kraft paper is a great way to remain on trend whilst doing your bit for the environment this Christmas.

4. Creating your own name tags this year will save you money and materials. You can use old Christmas cards, wallpaper scraps or coloured cards from around the house to cut out your tags. We used old wallpaper scraps and roughly drew out the shape, however you could find a stencil online or draw round an old tag. 

5. You can get creative when decorating your presents. We used ribbon, string, berries, and foliage to decorate, however you could also use pinecones, photographs or whatever you fancy when dressing the wrapped gifts. You can personalise with name tags for a finishing touch!

We love the build up to Christmas here at Crestwood and we want you to enjoy it too. Thinking ahead about wrapping your presents can save you that last minute stress on Christmas Eve. We hope you have a relaxed Christmas and can try out some of our creative ideas for your Christmas wrapping.  

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