Alternative Flooring

Commonplace has no role with Alternative Flooring. Crestwood can bring you exclusive and award-winning carpets, made with sustainable natural fibres that are kind to both you and to the environment. What’s more, you can even design your own rug and have something truly original. Or, as we like to say, alternative.

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Alternative Flooring Carpets produce natural products like sisal, grasses, coir and jute create textured statements for floors. Choose from a variety of interesting weaves and natural hues which will complement any contemporary or traditional interior. Alternative’s wool carpets are luxurious and hard wearing. For feature areas in your home, we love Alternative Flooring’s pin dot or striped patterns.

Want to know the best thing about Alternative Flooring Carpets? You can get a completely bespoke experience where you can design your own rug. After all, the customer knows best. Discuss what you are looking for with the friendly Crestwood of Lymington team. They are experts in interior design and can come up with a solution for you.