Open plan living is continuing to be the leading trend for our kitchen, dining, living and utility spaces. It is a great way to utilise the space you have and create a more inclusive environment for the whole family. Schüller have created a living room range incorporating sideboards, shelves and living room units all made from kitchen elements to match their finishes and colour options.

Table and benches

A flowing transition between the cooking and living area can be created with tables and benches that are matching the kitchen units. The understated elegance will adapt to different styles and help to create a coordinated design.


A sideboard is the perfect option for creating storage, establishing harmony and accentuating highlights anywhere in an open and airy living space. Schüller offer four sideboard options with different combinations of shelving, drawers and bases.

Living Room Furniture

Living room units and shelving can be used to stage and frame objects, multi-media devices and personal items without creating a cluttered environment. The light and airy designs are both practical and aesthetically pleasing too.

The Schüller living range uses minimalistic furniture pieces that can either work alongside or contrast the kitchen units. We are excited to discover how we can incorporate these into our upcoming open plan designs and begin to explore all the possibilities of a coordinated design
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